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The Sakumono Wetland is situated north of the coastal road between the cities of Accra and Tema. This wetland used to be a habitat for a diverse body of fish, birds and served as a stopover for migrant birds. It often served as a space for birdwatchers from all over the world as well as a potent site for research on biodiversity and other ecological studies.

Presently, the Sakumono Lagoon, is facing a slew of very bad conditions. The housing developments in the immediate vicinity of the lagoon are at risk just from the consequences of the severe pollution from sewage and other domestic waste, coagulation of plastics on the wetlands and the constant burning of the wetland plains.

We Have Decided to, together, rebuild and replant rainforests all over the world. Focusing and using the Tema, Sakumono Lagoon in Ghana as the first site to revive. We will effectively restore the ecological character of this wetland, get rid of the plastic waste, increase biodiversity, and carve out an educational attraction focused on nature and animal life. By working with various stakeholders, brands and individuals in very different disciplines. We are creating a series of multiple impactful, campaigns to help save, Tema and our planet.

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