Hexplosive Glitch

My project focused heavily on my new developing perception of the Earth and, ultimately, myself as an inhabitant of it. In my final project, I explored my thoughts further by looking to the sun — The key to all life and one of the ultimate symbols for day.

COVID made Day & Night to me, now more than ever, feel like a program. A program now with a glitch because of COVID-19. Thanks to this, I have become more aware of the fragility of this planet and humans as a whole. This pandemic is only one of many glitches that could lead to an explosive shift in seeing.

In fifty sheets and a hundred pages, I tried to depict this explosion, using .ktx images of sunsets and sunrises I took. This accordion-style book depicts the sublime explosion and its aftermath.

The whole goal was to pick out pixels that were related to the sun’s rays and emphasized its power. By doing this, I was effectively creating the explosion I needed.

In the aftermath, I planned to reduce the values related to the sun to make it darker. However, I didn’t have to do this because the images came out darker within some other viewers, making this part of my task way less complicated.
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