Unzipping Yourself

Through a couple of poems I’ve written, I explore the idea of freedom through zips. How can zips present us with a new way of seeing or understanding freedom and ourselves?

The poems often metaphorically view zips as a key to unlocking one’s inner being. This then unites them with freedom and what it represents.

Through these poems, I also seek to carve out different meanings by exploring them through other mediums. I will mainly explore other mediums like video and fashion. Doing this will adequately present me with varying perceptions of these ideas I touch on in these poems.
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How To Think

How do zips give us space to think?
Give us the freedom to wonder and want to uncover?

How do zips give us space to want to open up and see into voids?
Avoiding seeing things in one way and opening up to new ways of thinking & new ways of seeing?

Zips don’t divide but rather unite.
This has nothing to do with which side you’re on,
but is the reality of this device.

It gives way to endless possibilities of oneness,
This urge to get in touch with the self;
By filtering through a mass of chaos.
Chaos created not by the external world but ourselves. 

Zips give us new perspectives.
Zips present new ways of seeing.
Zips don’t just close up, but let it. 
Zips unite by closing up.

The Window Into Us

Is the zip meta for
a window within?
Or a mere window is too meta
for what is within?

Is There Unity

When the Zip is broken is there unity?
Is there even peace?
Or more broken pieces?

When the zip is broken,
What do you really see?
New ways to unite?
Or the void within?

Zip The Reality

Zip, as a portal
Zip, as the glue
Zip, as a window
Zip, revives you

Who Is Afraid of Red, Yellow And You

Stare at the sun
And see the color of blood.
Our metabolic fuel necessary for life itself.

It is life itself

Keep your eyes open
And your eyelids shut.
Watch as blood turns to gold
Wondering if it’s time,
To get ready
Time to go

Keep your eyes open
It’s time to go