Africa Collective: World Economic ForumPoster Design01.2024
I was invited by the Africa Collective to Davos, for the World Economic Forum to speak on the role of art in empowering communities. 

I started with a sound performance, titled “My Teacher,” – a poetic lamentation on the role of teachers and their need for guidance to effectively impart knowledge. It promises to be a solemn yet inviting auditory experience. This performance integrates spoken word with a live rhythmic arrangement on the Akai MPC. The duration of the performance is expected to be between three to five minutes.

Following the performance, there was a brief video showcase demonstrating how art can serve as a powerful tool for empowerment. This video, lasted 3 minutes and 30 seconds, features Small Hype along with select projects we’ve undertaken, highlighting the core concept we wish to convey.

Overall, the combination of the performance and presentation lasted under ten minutes, providing ample time for engagement and questions from the audience.

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Kwaku Reez Opoku
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