Motifation Workshop: Museum Rietberg Public Speaking09.2023
I was invited by museum rietberg to give a textile workship in collaboration with Cherry-Ann Morgan and Michaela Oberhofer with the title “Motifation, Unlocking Meaning: Exploring Motifs and Symbology in Functional Garments" In the context of the exhibition "Look Closer"

Making and finding meaning within functional garments like textiles aren’t typically an easy task. Oftentimes patterns, coupled with colors, can conjure unique feelings that could help us extract meaning. Many textiles reflect the world around and often inspiration is found; in colors, designs and sounds. Nonetheless, when motifs are added to the mix, an opportunity to make sense of some of these designs further. Motifs point to the importance of symbols and symbology in both plain and abstract ways. 

Symbology within textiles has been an integral part of civilizations for centuries, with careful consideration taken in its messages and infusion of meaning into motifs. Motifation explores new and age-old stories that can be translated from common and more modern motifs.

+ Public Speaking
+ Textile Design
+ Switzerland

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