NapevBranding & Identity Design 11.2023
What Napev does now is gastronomic. They’re no longer just selling products, they’re creating an experience around products and their relationship with the art of cooking and eating.

With the logo, we wanted a mark that aided in the depiction of the family-oriented nature of the company. Not just touching on the company’s history of the family, but their stern goal of educating people on how to take care of the products they purchase.

With this in mind, the very simple iconography we came up with was built on this very idea of family, the relationship with food and kitchenware.

Drawing parallels between how products they sell are sold in families of sets and the shop’s family inception story.

Further, it only made sense to create abstact iconography that resembled and felt like a kitchen tool or object. So I made a plate, a spoon, a ladle perhaps? You tell us.

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