Novartis ‘C’ WordBranding & Identity Design05.2021
I was was commissioned by Novartis to create fitting graphics and art for a summit Susanne Schaffert, President of Novartis Oncology was speaking at. 

My role here has been to create Art that adequately reflects her address at June 2021’s Fearless in Pharma Summit, where she will be sharing her perspectives on the ingredients for innovation. The experience was remarkable because I worked with several teams all over the world to bring not only my ideas to life but also the common goal. 

Approaching this project, I  started by distilling my understanding of the bold vision for Novartis Oncology by writing it as a poem “What makes a system tick” (audio included below).

This served as a starting place and focused on themes and objects pertaining to science and the ingredients needed to create innovation. These objects were abstractly compiled creating a set of collages.

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