Nubuke FoundationPoster Design10.2021
A new dawn is upon us, and it’s refreshing. With this rebrand, we laid emphasis on space. This multifaceted and vague word could represent multiple things at the same time. The diverse nature of the word was the main reason why we chose to focus on it.

Nubuke, on the surface level, has spaces for artists to express, they have space for artists to show work, and they’ve created a space for artists to belong. As they continue to develop these spaces, there’s a need for a brand that reflects the dynamic nature of the foundation. An identity that expands, integrates itself, and makes sense within every context concerning Nubuke.

Using this as a driver allowed us to develop a logo and a system that stems from a fluid custom typeface –– Nu-Bu. Over 100 combinations could be made with this typeface. This speaks directly to the idea that the new dawn represents –– new beginnings, unknown reactions, multiple explorations and experiments, and the foreshadowing of what’s to come.

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