Finding FocusMusic08.2022
Finding Focus is the first body of work I’ve put out. To me, it’s both a search for this focus I believe I need and also my real first interaction with focus. The EP outlines how these things can happen at the same time when you’re trying to understand yourself.

This understanding of myself and the willingness to get to know me better has been a running theme for me in the last couple of years. I believe this urge has created multiple instances where I’m with the reality of who I am. Music has always provided me with that space to just be. That space, to me, is Freedom. I rid myself of preconceived notions and just be. I create, live in the present and allow myself to be fully immersed in what I’m doing. So in times like this, where it seems as if we’re not free to do so, I dive deeper into this space, because I still can. I’m free

I made most of the music on this EP in 2017 & 2018. Although it didn’t come out until 2022, it really speaks mounds to my reflective state and my yearning for self understanding in these times. Making music is something that brings me balance, I hunt for balance while finding focus. What is freedom? Who is free? What is free?

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Kwaku Reez Opoku
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