Rvdical The Kid Little PlanetCover Design11.2019
In 2019 Rvdical The Kid and I met and spoke about many things, one of those things being his EP – Little Planet. Even before hearing the music, I felt sort of invited into his planet just by how he spoke about how the music came together. 

His language about what he was working on was quite colorful and had already influeced ideas, most especially after hearing the EP. Rvdical had an idea foor an illustration and believed Araba Opoku would be the best to execute that idea. So Araba and I met a couple of times, conceptualized the characters based on Rvdical Character Ideation. After internalizing it all, Araba sent over a stellar pencil drawing which I digitized and carefully colored and amplified. This process was repeated for other assets like singles and banners.

The EP wouldn’t come out for another year, because of a slew of. things; COVID probaly played a role, but it was a timely project especially during a time when our planet also felt so small. 

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