Take Back Your Keys (Regionale 29)Poster Design09.2022
What does it mean to "take back your key"? How does the idea of access, or lack thereof, affect our sense of individual freedom?

Taking back the key is about reclaiming our own identity, detached from the forms and expectations into which we are socially indoctrinated. The function of a key is to either close or open different access points. It then becomes a symbol that illustrates an outcome of the arduous process in which we attempt to fulfil social norms. This can be in terms of cultural, institutional, familial, professional, etc. Norms.

This project recognizes that it is often through the pursuit of transnational ideas that societies begin to ask relevant questions that have the capacity to innovate and contribute to our human development

I participated as an exhibiting artist and also designed the communication and marketing assets like the poster and brochures

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Kwaku Reez Opoku
Don’t worry about your future.